The path to an Ubiquiti home network Part 3
Create A Wireless Network

Posted: 05 April 2019
Last Modified: 05 April 2019

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The path to an Ubiquiti home network Part 3 Create Wireless Network (this post)

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Add a Wireless Network

Using your web browser, login to your account and click launch on your cloud key or login to the CloudKey/Unifi SDN Controller via its ip address in a web browser.

On the left menu bar click settings denoted by the image unifi-sdn-controller-bottom-side-menu-settings

Click create new wireless network unifi-sdn-controller-settings-wireless_networks-create_wireless_network


Enter the details for the new wireless network


Once the details have been entered click unifi-sdn-controller-settings-wireless_networks-wpa-personal to create the network.

You should now see your newly created network displayed. In the example below I used NicksWirelessNetwork as the Name/SSID.


Add a Guest Wireless Network

This is the same process as above but this time use a different security key, network name and tick/check the Guest Policy box. With the default Guest Control settings users who connect to networks with Guest Policy enabled will only be able to connect to the internet and none of the devices on your network.

More information can be found in the UniFi - Guest Network, Guest Portal and Hotspot System article.

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